Energy Storage India 2014
New Delhi
December 04-05
Stand B11

   Saft batteries power India’s fast growing energy storage sector

 AMCO Saft nickel-based batteries set the benchmark for reliability and long life in backup power applications
 Saft cutting edge Li-ion systems offer exceptional performance in a maintenance-free lightweight compact package

New Delhi, December 04, 2014 – Saft and its Indian-based joint venture, AMCO Saft, are presenting a wide portfolio of industrial battery technologies that offer the ideal solutions for India’s fast growing energy storage sector. Visitors to stand B11 can explore Saft’s full range of capabilities that meet the diverse needs of multiple applications including the grid integration of renewable energy, micro-grids, smart grids and off-grid installations.

India is the second most populated nation in the world, with a total of almost 1.3 billion people. Providing access for all to reliable, high quality power is a major challenge that the country’s Ministry of Power is addressing in its Smart Grid Vision and Roadmap. The goal is electrification of all households with a minimum of eight hours of power availability. This ambitious target requires the provision of electricity to 400 million people currently living off-grid, which is driving India to assume a pioneering role in the development of advanced energy storage systems. Over the next two years, the Indian government will install the first pilot grid scale energy storage plants, and plans for a major implementation of this technology are scheduled for completion by 2022.

AMCO Saft – providing high-tech nickel-based battery technology for India
AMCO Saft India Limited is the country’s leading provider of nickel-based batteries for industrial backup power systems with a new state-of-the-art battery production plant in Bangalore (Bidadi). AMCO Saft is also fully supported by Saft, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-tech batteries for industry. Key AMCO Saft products on show include the KPL/KPM/KPH and VRNM ranges for installations requiring totally reliable power backup, failsafe engine starting or bulk energy storage with the emphasis on long life, reliability and minimal maintenance to ensure an optimized total cost of ownership (TCO).

For large power plant or substation projects the KPL/KPM/KPH batteries can operate between temperatures of – 20°C to + 50°C, and can also tolerate extremes of – 50°C to + 70°C for short periods. The unique AMCO Saft electrochemistry enables the batteries to withstand any depth of discharge and, following a deep discharge, they are designed to recharge very quickly and economically.

The VRNM design is especially suitable for remote applications such as offshore and substation operations, where the system must be totally reliable and require a minimum number of maintenance visits.

Nickel-based batteries for specialized applications
AMCO Saft also offers the Uptimax and Sunica,plus nickel-based battery ranges that are ideally suited for the Indian market.

Uptimax maintenance-free batteries are at the heart of power backup systems throughout industry. If mains power is lost, Uptimax ensures the continuity of mission-critical loads, facilitating safe shutdown processes, bridging to standby power and safeguarding computer data. Typical power backup applications include: UPS, substation switchgear, process control systems, emergency lighting, fire alarms and security systems.

The battery is designed specifically for use in off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in rugged and remote locations, where its robust construction ensures long life even when operating at extreme temperatures from - 50˚C to + 70˚C. New for 2014, the battery has been upgraded for even better performance with higher cycling capability, extended maintenance intervals, improved charging efficiency and an increased capacity range from 50 Ah to 1830 Ah.

Synerion® Li-ion modules provide advance maintenance-free battery technology

Saft’s state-of-the-art Synerion® high power Li-ion modules are ideally suited to new and emerging stationary applications in renewables, telecoms and data centres that require advanced maintenance-free battery technology, lighter, more compact energy storage systems, excellent power output, charge efficiency and cycling performance and also remote monitoring and battery status indication.

About Saft
Saft (Euronext: Saft) is a world leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industry. The Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of nickel batteries and primary lithium batteries for the industrial infrastructure and processes, transportation, civil and military electronics’ markets. Saft is the world leader in space and defence batteries with its Li-ion technologies which are also deployed in the energy storage, transportation and telecommunication network markets. More than 3,800 employees in 18 countries, 14 manufacturing sites and an extensive sales network all contribute to accelerating the Group’s growth for the future.

Saft batteries. Designed for industry.
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