VRNM – Ultra-low maintenance solution

VRNM is an exceptionally reliable ultra-low maintenance pocket plate battery incorporating special technical features. Delivering long life and requiring little or no maintenance, there is no better solution for installations where the risk of failure is unacceptable.

The VRNM Ni-Cd battery is eminently suitable for “remote” applications such as offshore and switching substation operations, where the system must be totally reliable and require minimum number of maintenance visits.

VRNM batteries are supplied as single cells of 1.2 V in capacity range from 9 Ah up to 750 Ah.

Sintered plastic bonded electrode batteries

Sintered plastic bonded electrode (S/PBE) battery is a premier product of Saft designed for very high cycle life & low maintenance. AMCO Saft offers ultra-high rate performance cells (SRX) & medium rate performance cells (SRM), in capacity range from 20 Ah to 440 Ah. These products are most suited for railway & starting applications.