KPL, KPM, KPH batteries offer different performance characteristics and cover a wide capacity range, allowing customers to select an AMCO Saft vented pocket plate Ni-Cd battery for their application. All cells are available in translucent polypropylene as well as in stainless steel cases. Cells are also available in flame & fire retardant cell cases on demand.

KPL – Long rate performance

11 Ah – 1550 Ah

KPL has the thickest plate and is designed for applications where the battery must provide:

  • Reliable energy over long discharge period
  • A current that is relatively low in comparison with the total stored energy
  • Infrequent discharges

KPL is typically used in power back-up and bulk energy storage applications. KPM cell has thick plates to provide a large capacity reserve for long duration discharge such as emergency lighting, alarms, railway signalling, DC instrumentation and photovoltaic system.

KPM – Medium rate performance

10 Ah – 1365 Ah

KPM is designed for applications where the batteries must sustain:

  • Electrical loads between 30 minutes and 3 hours
  • “Mixed” loads which involve high and low discharge rates
  • Frequent or infrequent discharges

KPM type is typically used in power back-up applications.

KPH – High rate performance

8 Ah – 990 Ah

KPH uses very thin plates and is designed for applications demanding:

  • A relatively high current over short periods
  • Usually less than 1 hour duration
  • Frequent or infrequent discharges

KPH type is typically used in starting and power back-up applications.